[Houneran Autoparts platform] is the key member of Birdsbay (Houneran)

The founder of the Birdsbay team from the United States and China in the logistics, IT and business have a very rich experience; We have a common dream and aspirations, with a positive implementation of the driving force; show the future, look forward to working with you to create success

Integrity, enthusiasm, consensus, innovation, ultimate execution

And customers, partners and consumers work together to win-win is migratory birds to adhere to the business philosophy

Birdsbay are born in both Guangzhou in China and Fremont in US, Guangzhou as a millennium business have a good and pragmatic business atmosphere; and Fremont as the most innovative vitality of the Silicon Valley location in San Francisco Bay, rooted in the city of innovation, absorbing the world's cutting-edge technology and business Model, so that the inclusion and innovation genes deeply implanted in Birdsbay; at the same time with good tolerance and innovative genes of the migratory birds, will gather all the forces for customers to create a wonderful harbor, and work together with partners to adhere to customer needs and interests-oriented, Careful service;

Birdsbay is a comprehensive service provider based on overseas warehousing + distribution, providing cross-boundary electricity and OEM manufacturers with solutions for logistics, distribution and extension of overseas services. It is committed to providing local market analysis, Channel construction, brand promotion, online and offline distribution, logistics, warehousing and distribution and other one-stop service to help China's high-quality "brand" goods through cross-border electricity directly to the world.

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By Houneran (birdsbay team)